With LHP Legal Assistance you can be assured that you will receive dedicated professional assistance and support throughout your case.

LHP Legal Assistance can offer you an excellent level of legal assistance which is affordable.

The service we can provide for you:

Support and Assistance With Preparing Your Case

  • Moral support and a sounding board
  • Guidance through the legal procedure
  • A written case assessment, if necessary
  • Assistance with locating and preparing the correct legal documents for your case
  • Assistance with preparing statements
  • Assistance with preparing questions for witnesses

Support and Assistance in Court 

  • Quietly give advice on points of law or procedure
  • Suggest questions you may wish to ask witnesses
  • Suggest issues that you may wish to raise
  • Take notes
  • Help with case papers


ABOUT ME – Lynsey Powell


I hold legal qualifications: Law LLB (Hons.);

I have experience of legal practice including criminal defence work in Houston, Texas;

I hold counselling qualifications;

I am a trained and experienced advocate;

I am fully insured;

I am a member of The Society of Professional McKenzie Friends.

On a personal note, I have a family of my own including 3 children, so I understand the complexities of family life and the issues which arise from the breakdown of a relationship.